Tsunami Science Team Meeting 3/26/12

Scientific tsunami response team planning meeting March 27, 2012
National Weather Service, Eureka
Here is the team list in pdf format.
Here are the meeting notes from below in pdf format.


Ryan Aylward, NWS

Lori Dengler, HSU Geology

Jim Falls, CGS

Eileen Hemphill-Haley, HSU Geology

Dan Larkin, Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Office OES

Tom Leroy, PWA/Cascadia Geosciences

Paul Mann, HSU Public Relations

Kevin Miller, Cal EMA

Kathy Moley, PWA

Troy Nicolin, NWS

Kyle Noderer, Cal EMA

Vicki Ozaki, Redwood National State Parks

Jay Patton, OSU/Cascadia Geosciences

Rick Wilson, CGS


Meeting framework:

Identify goals and a process to coordinate and facilitate scientific response to a tsunami event.


1)     Focus initial planning efforts on a distant tsunami event.

2)     Although initiated by Jay Patton and Cascadia Geosciences, this should be a group project of RCTWG


Six goals were identified:

1)     Need a playbook with likely scenario events

2)     Define the scope of activities scientific teams will be involved with

3)     Identify all of the potential players who can contribute to this plan

4)     Identify constraints and barriers

5)     What are the needs of the scientific community and the operational needs of emergency response organizations

6)     Coordinate the activities of scientists and emergency managers


Rick Wilson and Jay Patton agreed to be the co-leaders of the overall project.  We formed 4 subgroups to address goals (group leads underlined):

1)     Players Group (L. Dengler, V. Ozaki): Identify the different disciplines that should participate in this effort, what previous planning work has been done in other areas (ITST, Hawaii, Clearinghouse efforts, etc.), baseline data that may be of use for before/after studies, state and federal agencies & efforts that may be interested in this project. Goal 3.

2)     Needs Group (R. Wilson, T. Leroy, E. H-H, D. Larkin): What types of data need to be collected by scientific groups?  Needs will be looked at within three time frames – pre-event (what can be done before a tsunamigenic event occurs), warning to arrival (pre-positioning assets/observers after the earthquake occurs but before the tsunami arrives), post-event (observations of impacts after the tsunami event is over). Goals 2 & 5.

3)     ICS/SEMS framework Group (T. Nicolini, D. Larkin, K. Miller, K. Moley, K. Noderer, J. Falls): Organizing the scientific response groups within the emergency management structure of the Operational Area, and incorporating into County tsunami plans.   Goal 6.

4)     Playbook Group (J. Falls, J. Patton, K. Moley):  Compile a list a likely scenario events and how teams will be deployed.  Goals 1 & 4


The group decided to conduct a table top exercise next year – associated with the 2013 Tsunami Warning Communication Test.


Next steps:

1)     Establishing an email list and web site for this project. If you did not attend the workshop but are interested in participating in this project or a particular subgroup, please send Lori an email (not to the whole RCTWG list) and we will add you.

2)     The subgroups are tasked with giving progress reports at the next RCTWG meeting (May 23).



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