Welcome to the Northern California Tsunami Science Website. We are developing a science plan for response to tsunami events in northern California. Our group self formed following a Redwood Coast Tsunami Working Group meeting.

This site has a public arena and a password protected area. Materials that are “works in progress” are in the password area. Once products are reviewed and ready for “prime time,” they will migrate to the public arena.

Our Mission: Develop field teams and data collection protocols so we can make direct observations of the extent of impact of tsunamis and earthquakes.

    Long Term Goals:

  • Maintain field team roster and communications/contact list
  • Conduct annual training exercises to keep the team prepared to respond
  • Prepare and maintain data collection resource “Pods” (for equipment and survival supplies to make observations)

Please read this recruitment invitation to participate in the 2014 Cascadia Exercise on 5/14/14.

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We are holding a planning meeting on FRI 5.9.14 from 9-11 AM. More material about that planning meeting is here.

Cascadia GeoSciences is hosting the site. If you have any questions, please contact Jay Patton at jayp at cascadiageo.org

Artwork provided by the Tsunami Zone.

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